Ray School, June 1957 graduating class, Chicago, Illinois
First row, L to R: Fay Bergstrom, Nydia Rathan, Anna Quinlan, Loretta Isaac, Alice Booth, Delsa Cooper, Peggy Gibbons, Dorothy Wagner, Gulgud Tosen, Meillyn Price, Penny Fisher.

Second Row: Tugrul Tosen, Mike Kobrin, Burton Mitchel, Herby Gerdy, Maurice Williams, Robert Crosby, Sammy Jenkins, Michael Silverman, Herschel Flannagan, Ricky Carlson, Tommy Wetzel, and ??

Third Row: Freddy Diaz, Art Michener, Richard James, George Calef, Eddie Porter, Curtis Betton, John Brown, Joel Shufro, Robert Schwartz, Walter Foran, Alvin Davis, Carl Boatner, Quong Lee.

Fourth Row: Gene Linford, Linda Horita, Jimmie Lee Colsen, Pamela Allen, Maxine Gowdy, Mimi Simons, Bernice Jeffries, Carol Phelps, Kathy Bailey, Margie Hilkivitch, Lynn Hopkins, Diane Aguillard.

Back row: Charlie Mayer, Tony Holder, Wendy Lewis, Michael Clair, Art Trammal, Kenneth Knapp, Bob Maoux, William Hazlett, Wallace Berry, Sally Collins, Henry Ward, Ruth Friedlander, Joe Jackson, Jeff Spitz, Doreen Silverman.

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